Win $100,000 with BC.GAME’s World Cup Prediction Event!

Win $100,000 with BC.GAME's World Cup Prediction Event!

The World Cup fever is just getting closer to the end. With the fierce competition among teams taking part, Fifa World Cup is one of the main competitions that all sports fans search for. There are favorites already and certain frontrunners are definitely superior to others.

In the year 2000, it was announced that for the second year in a row the Argentine Football Association (AFA) has entered into a collaboration with BC.GAME to be their crypto gambling partner. It is important to know that BC.GAME offers massive rewards and bonuses along with promotions for football fans too. From November 12 to 26, 2020, BC.GAME offers up to a $100,000 prize pool in World Cup 2022 all-winner predictions.

Who Are Eligible To Join

The crypto casino platform has created an entirely separate website dedicated exclusively to the World Cup. Casino players who play on crypto can participate during the competition by providing their predictions of the soccer games to follow. Every participant has the chance of winning the prize $100,000. pool.

The process of making your predictions is absolutely free provided that you have having an account level of VIP 4 or more. The predictions have to be made by the 26th November 2022 deadline at 10:00 am UTC. Players can alter their predictions before the deadline.

To succeed, their predictions must be accurate. In all instances, if there’s more than one player who has made the same prediction the prize money is divided equally. One family member could be the one to make the prediction. Any person who has claimed multiple prizes is not eligible for the contest.

What’s In For World Cup 2022

Qatar hosts this year’s editions of the world’s top football league. It will be played by 32 teams representing different nations, and football fans will be able to view 64 games in two weeks of intense games. As in previous years there will be group stage games at the start of the week in order to determine which teams will play for the championship.

The fans hope to see their favorite teams which include Brazil, France, Belgium, Spain, and England. These are only a handful of the teams with the most talented roster, most adaptable players, and are World Cup champions.

The fans of football are searching for underdogs to be noticed during this season’s World Cup. The teams that have been at the lower rungs of the rankings are expected to display their progress and potential.


BC.GAME can be described as an online crypto casino platform that lets players to earn bonus points for playing casino games online , as well as live casinos and put bets on the sports of their choice. In order to be part of this year’s World Cup excitement, the platform has announced an event where players could take home prizes in The Wager Contest or a Tesla giveaway (more details will be revealed in the near future!). Additionally, the platform is set to offer prizes during the tournament.

The crypto gambling platform has teamed up with AFA for an entire period of six months in order to assist AFA’s Argentine national team. The partnership goes beyond helping the team. It also offers a opportunity the two brands increase their following and earn more income. For AFA this partnership offers the perfect opportunity to develop digital products that will serve as their secondary income source.

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