5 Smart Tricks to Know Before Your Next Casino Visit

5 Smart Tricks to Know Before Your Next Casino Visit

Games you play at the casino have a statistical probability against winning. The harsh truth is that bets of any capacity involve risk. For instance, the disadvantage of poker may come from the 5% of each pot that the casino will take as a ‘rake’. You might be practicing other risky behavior like putting back big wins into the machine. Yet the US is home to 2,157 casinos in 2022 which makes it the leading country globally. Further, the casino and online gambling sector worldwide was estimated at approximately $265 billion in 2019 and the market was forecasted to reach $230.86 billion in 2021 alone. Studies have found that the ‘glamor of gambling’ is what keeps people hooked. It is also a good chance to make money, socialize over rounds of games and cocktails and a form of escape from the monotony of life.

When played responsibly, you are less likely to lose thousands of dollars at the spin of a wheel or roll of a dice. Even a person with average intelligence can learn these techniques easily and have the best time at the casino. You can now play Golden Ball Roulette, Diamond Big Six, Wild Fireball Rumble and Whales of Cash Ultimate Jackpots without making decisions against your interests. Here’s how.

1.     Watch the Time

Most casinos do not have windows and clocks. It is because they want you to lose track of time. This way you will spend plenty of hours inside trying your luck. Players often sit from early morning till late night while time and money slip away. So, it is a good idea to set alarms on your phone. It will help you take a break and walk around for some time since sitting for too long leads to a cluster of conditions like high blood pressure, excess body fat and high sugar. You may also stop gambling for the day or simply clear your head and come back later with rational thoughts.

2.     Know the Spending Psychology

The top brick-and-mortar casinos use colorful chips as currencies. Studies have found that chips and similar virtual representations of money may be re-gambled without hesitation because their psychological value is lesser than their real value. There is a mental separation between the gambler and their money and are encouraged to take bigger risks even if they know what the chips represent. For instance, throwing a single red chip down the table will not sting much when compared to a hundred dollars that is staring into your face. So, try not to invest chunks of money into these small disks and make strategic choices.

3.     Avoid Excessive Drinking

A study evaluated the link between cognitive decline and alcohol consumption. Men who drank 36 grams/day experienced a faster 10-year drop in cognitive domains when compared to 1.5 to 5.7 extra years of cognitive decline. Heavy drinking at the casino can cloud your judgement and lower your inhibitions. It also impacts impulsivity, processing speed and working memory.

avoiding excessive drinking
avoiding excessive drinking

So, avoid nonstop free alcohol while at the card table or before horse racing screens to stay in the right frame of mind. One proper glass is acceptable to avoid troubles.

4.     Don’t Fall for Traps

Most casinos have a unique maze-like architecture. There are no straight aisles towards the door. The slot machines are placed in ‘hectic arrangements’ and curves so that players have to spend several more minutes inside before finding their way out. It convinces them to place their bets for another round or crowd around the Blackjack or Roulette tables for their turn. This way you may forget that you had to exit. Gaming can be contagious and staying in the casino for a long time with different lights, sounds and smells can impact playing behavior. Try not to get distracted and consciously walk out without stopping by.

5.     Read the House Rules

The more complicated the rules, the lesser the chances of you doing well. This is because these confusing fine prints are made to give advantages to the house. If the pay tables fit the front panels, you are playing an easy game and may keep going without having to risk huge amounts. A simple trick is to look for small words by the side or near the bottom of the panels. These usually explain the limits of each game. Try to look for free slots first to be able to understand the nitty-gritty of the gamble. Practice well before you actually participate for money.

Following these tips does not assure big wins. Much of gambling comes down to luck. But they can keep you from losing a big amount or leaving you empty-handed.